Chichester Screening confirmed

Chichester Screening confirmed
"Be the change you want to see in the World."

Friday, 20 May 2011


Sacrifices now, or prices to pay later?

Hey everyone - just a quick one.

I always said to myself after Z-day was over this year I'd be taking a step back. There's quite a few people involved with the Chichester & Bognor chapter who should be able to keep things going whilst I take a break (as really I already have done for the past few months).

The primary reasons being I need to find a new base of operations. Some of you may already be aware of the situation I'm in and I may have found ways of escaping that situation, time will tell, but it requires a lot of energy and focus. I want to launch a project that I hope will contribute towards what we're a lot of social movements are trying to accomplish so I can actually earn a living - and focus on my music and getting a CD done.

I'm hoping someone will take over blogging - I genuinely understand how hard it is to survive in this world let alone dedicate meaningful amounts of time to such a project as TZM; I fully accept I was able to do so through being unable to work at present.

This is far from the end of the Chichester chapter, which remember had one of the largest ZMF screenings in the UK and has made many hundreds of people in area, and potentially thousands, aware of our work.

The movement really, is holographic. Our real task is, quite literally, to change the 'Zeitgeist'.

Remember - Silence is violence. Raise your voices - now is the best time.See you in a few months.

The Spanish have risen up - the UK unions are planning strike action on June 30th - wherever you are you can't escape it. I'm going away for a month or so.. my work there won't stop.. but when I come back I will be at the front of the fight in the UK. I hope you will be too. The world is changing...I hope we're all thinking about just how valuable our university degrees really are - our 9 to 5's - how long will it all last..time will tell.


Let's get Europe off of it's knees.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Z-Day Chichester

Events start small but resonate globally

Z-day Chichester took place at La Havana yesterday organized by myself and Luke Sargeant. We expected a lot more people, but lots of people had last minute commitments or were ill. Still, the venue filled up nicely and there was a great atmosphere throughout which really built as the mic opened up and people clearly started to feel more comfortable. 

Luke of Ribbon getting involved ;)
People of all different backgrounds came along - those who are generally or fully supportive of the movement, those who are still learning more or simply curious and those who are not convinced - and some people who happened upon the event by chance. Some of these people left though some stayed to find out more - still most if not all people I spoke to were willing to be open minded and chat about the issues put forward. I spoke to one  such person at the bar who was a financial advisor - it was interesting to hear the reaction of someone so directly involved in the practices of money and markets, but I feel we made ground and formed understandings which is what we hoped to achieve with the event.  By bringing people together and providing the chance to investigate information on a wide range of increasingly socially relevant topics we hope to move away from the cultural Zeitgeist of consumption and self interest to one of agreed cooperation and self fulfilment. As one attendee Simon Moatt commented: 'This is part of changing that Zeitgeist, things like tonight.'

Poems were performed by myself and Sim Kennedy with Luke and Michaela's 'Ribbon' headlining the evening who always provide a sometimes lacking energy to the night-life of Chichester which is in musical terms really had the bar raised lately, particularly by the arrival of folk band the 'Lowland Runners'.

Myself and a volunteer beatboxer - email us! Zeitgeist.Chichester@gmail.com
Steve Twinley, Sim's band-mate was unable to make the affair meaning the duo 'Last Chance to Escape' were unable to grace the evening with their unique progressive rock affair - you can check them out here. I made an appearance after a few drinks, murdering a rendition of The times they are a Changing - but improving a little with John Lennon's imagine. Local Reggae Freddy followed up with a very catchy protest song I didn't grab the name of and we were serenaded with some piano work from his friend Simon.

I spoke to a few people about the launch of this site and most seemed to like the idea. Let's face it - Chichester could be described only as a conservative area and compared to a region like Brighton or London, it can be very intimidating to question the status quo or indeed, Zeitgeist. We hope that this site and collection of groups and individuals will inspire more discussion in Chichester about topics that have seemingly become taboo.Find out More 

For anyone who attended the event and wanted to find out more, here are some useful links:

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward - The newest film that encompasses the most essential info all in one go. Split into 3 parts

Team-speak 3 Server - meet and discuss topics with members. Ask questions, arrange radio interviews etc

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Just some updates...

'Global insurrection'

As many of you may have noticed, since the turn of the new year in particular we've seen what Gerald Celente and Max Kaiser correctly describe as 'global insurrection.' A large portion of the mainstream media would of course have us believe these uprisings are a result of backwards Islamic culture or worse, the rise of 'radical Islam'. The reality is of course, the impoverished masses have reached a tipping point with the conditions of abject poverty and repression served to them by globalization and neo-liberal market 'restructuring'. 

And what of the UK?

Finally, it seems a 'radical' (that remains to be seen) movement known as the 'Coalition of Resistance' has formed. It recently held a week of resistance, though admittedly I've struggled to keep up with it and the dependable media it appears have failed to cover it. I did find this blog entry however. 

Monday, 31 January 2011

From Egypt with Love

A thousand words

Our Egyptian chapter is working to support the people as much as it can with, presumably, the small numbers and limited resources it has. I've been taking a little break but I wanted to share this image that has emerged from the affairs of the recent uprising.

Other news

  • Chichester chapter meetings now regular - last Friday of the month, The Bull Inn, 19:30 till late
  • Why I advocate TZM project launched - see youtube or www.thezeitgeistmovement.com
  • We recently held our first stall with the help of Bruce, coordinator for the Alton chapter. Video and pics to come
  • Recently an excellent radioshow with Tod Brilliant of the Post Carbon institute. Transition towns members may also like this. I forwarded a question that got you guys a mention : )
Update: Video up!

Friday, 21 January 2011